CCAA Plein Air – Mushroom House

CCAA Plein Air-20150429-0228.jpg

Some interest has been expressed about my shooting inside a mushroom house so I thought I would post and discuss this image, which I captured during the Plein Air but did not print for the reception.  The houses that I entered had 2 different levels with 3 shelves of mushrooms on each level.  On each shelf there was 8 – 10 inches of mushroom soil (smelly) in which the mushrooms were growing.  The shelves were about 4 ft wide and 20-30 ft long.  There were 3 or 4 isle ways on each level like that shown in the blog image.  This is a 10 sec exposure captured with a Nikkor 24-70mm lens at f/18 and 62mm.  The long exposure was required by the low lighting.  The one light that is visible is a long fluorescent bulb hanging vertically.  These bulbs serve as grow lights.  There were several lights along this isle way, but they are blocked by the columns and my positioning.  As you can see the isle ways are rather narrow, so I had to use a lot of care while positioning my tripod.  Processing of this image was done totally in Lightroom CC.  While I was in the mushroom house, there was cleanup going on so I had to be careful of mushroom soil falling from the level above.

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CCAA Plein Air – Figurative Sculpture

CCAA Plein Air-20150429-0240

This figurative sculpture of an old woman was captured outside an automotive shop on E. State St. as you enter Kennett Square, PA.  The shop owner is always changing how the figure is dressed and has been doing this for years.  This is a 3-shot HDR image processed with Lighroom 6’s Merge to HDR capability with final tone mapping using Lightroom’s normal adjustments.

This is my final post on the CCAA Plein Air images and wanted to comment on my experience with the Merge to HDR capability in Lightroom 6 which I used for this set of images.  I find that I get very natural HDR images without the haloing sometimes experienced with other HDR programs.  However, I do not seem to get the richness of color obtained with Nik’s HDR Efex Pro.

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CCAA Plein Air – Goose Nest

CCAA Plein Air-20150428-0056

Last week I participated in the Chester County Art Association (CCAA) Plein Air competition which included photos taken anywhere in Chester County, PA.  While hiking north of Unionville, I startled a nesting goose.  When I looked closely, I spotted this nest and captured the blog image.  This is a 3-shot HDR image processed with the new Merge to HDR capability in Lightroom 6.  Tone mapping was done using the standard Lightroom adjustments.  I was really struck by the lighting in this image.  Over the next few days I will be posting additional images that I printed for the reception on Friday evening (May 2) in Kennett Square.

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Lightroom Printing Workflow

Proof Collection

In my recently completed Lightroom Workflow and Lightroom Post-Processing classes in Chester County Night School, I touched briefly on printing from Lightroom, but stated that I had little experience.  My early experiences with printing in Lightroom were not very successful.  I have been very successful soft proofing and printing from Photoshop and have been reluctant to change.  Since the class I became more uncomfortable with not being able to provide more information and set out to do something about it.  Some helpful references are shown below:

I started by doing more research on soft proofing with Lightroom and discovered how to show side-by-side, before and after views for easy comparison.  In Photoshop this required several steps.  The 2nd reference above shows soft proofing in much detail.  I will leave it to you to review the details in the video and will not cover them here.  Soft proofing creates a virtual copy which I include in a “Proofs” collection as shown in the blog image above.  As you can see, I have Proofs collections for my Epson 3880 and Epson 7900.  The proof copy also includes the printer and paper type as part of the name.

I have also created Printing Templates for the different sizes that I normally print as shown below:

Print Templates

Now when I want to print an image, I use the following steps:

  • open the Proofs collection
  • select the desired image proof virtual copy (assuming it has already been soft proofed)
  • go to the Print module
  • select the desired print template
  • make sure printer is ready with paper loaded
  • click print button

I used this workflow for printing all 8 images in the blog post using Lightroom and they all printed beautifully.  These images were captured this week as part of the CCAA Plein Air, which included locations within Chester County.  I will have these 8 prints on display at the Market at Liberty Place in Kennett Square from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday evening.

In the future, if I need an additional print of an image, I simply use the above steps.  As I soft proof additional images, they will be added to the Proofs collection.  Printing from Lightroom has now greatly simplified and organized my printing workflow.

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