Never Too Old


In September, my wife, Debbie, and I spent 5 days at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  Debbie had been wanting to go to Atlantis after a cruise she and my daughter were on a few years ago had stopped there.  This trip was a 65th birthday present for her.  The blog image is yours truly going down an almost vertical water slide.  Tho photo was taken by Resort staff.

The resort is just huge and too much to describe in a single post, so I will be posting images from the trip over the next several weeks.

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Rehoboth Art League Outdoor Show


If you happen to be in the Rehoboth Beach area next weekend, check out the art show at the Rehoboth Art League located on Dodds Lane.  Parking is readily available at the K-Mart on Rt. 1 and a shuttle runs continuously between the parking area and Rehoboth Art League.  I am located in Booth #44.  Stop by and say hi.

Graffiti Underground at Sunrise Wins 3rd Place at Ocean City


This past weekend (Aug 1 – 3) I participated in the Ocean City, NJ Board Walk show.  The weather was not very good, but day 1 was a highlight when my Graffiti Underground Image win 3rd place in the show.  This represents the 2nd award that this particular image has received.  Sales were slow for me on days 1 & 3, but day 2 was pretty good.

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Thunderbolt Disk Docking Station

Docking Stations

Last week I purchased, on sale at Amazon, a HighPoint Dual-Bay Thunderbolt 10Gbps Storage Dock for use on my iMac. The HighPoint Storage Dock is shown on the left in the blog image.  I was already using a Thermaltake eSata Storage Dock (on the right) connected to my iMac using an eSata to USB3 adapter.  The Thermaltake worked well and was reasonably fast, but there was an inherent latency when accessing the disks.  The new storage dock is much faster and does not have the latency issue.  It will also hold 2 disks of any capacity.  Now I am using both storage docks with the older Thermaltake dock holding backup disks for my image library.  The HighPoint docking station does require a Thunderbolt cable sold separately.

Acadia NP — Private Residence on Schooner Head

Private Residence on Schooner Head

The blog image highlights one of the many private residences along the Acadia coastline.  This image was captured from the overlook along Schooner Head Rd, near one of the park entrances.  In many cases these landowners have donated surrounding land to the park.  This is a 3-shot HDR image captured with Nikkor 24-70mm lens at f/10 and 31mm.  HDR processing was done with Google/Nik’s HDR Efex Pro with final post-processing in Lightroom.

Check my “discounts” page for a link and discount code for Google/Nik Collection if you are interested and want to save a few bucks.

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